Mr. Joseph Akola, 49 years old, Republic of Benin , Ph.D   in Science of Education, Professor, Researcher


Mr. Nicolas Médard Andongui, 41 years old, Republic of Congo, Master of Science and Ecomonics, Reseacher Socio- Ecomonics Wildlife Conservation Society USA, Member of   the Congolese   Asscociation   of the United Nations


Mr. Aimé François Betkou 44 years old, Republic of Madagascar Master of Legal   Studies Deputy- Former President of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the General Assembly. Collector, responsible for public relations and legislative affairs


Mr. Irénée Burgino, 37 years old, Republic of Rwanda Attorney, Former State Attorney in finance affairs, Reseacher- Institute of Research and Dialogue for Peace


Mr. Oscar Minakpon Djibenoude, 46 years old, Republic of Benin, Doctor of Medicine Certificate of Paludology-OMS, Certificate of epidemiology-France Director- Public Health, Department of Zou and Collines-Abomey


Mr Jean Karonkano, 49 years old, Republic of Burundi, Science of Biology  Degree, Counsellor - Department of International Organizations- Ministry of Foreign Relations and Cooperation, Former officer of United Nations in Eastern Timor, in charge of Social Affairs.


Mr. Boniface Lezona, 48 years old, Republic of Congo Diplomatic Studies, Administration and Magistracy School, IRIC Yaoundé Director - Department for Direction of the United Nations in Congo Chief of Division of the General Assembly and Security Counsellor of Ministry of Foreign Affairs  


Mr. Joseph Mandeng, 42 years old, Republic of Cameroon, DEA in Human Rights Law Pastor,   Statutory delegate to the General Council of Prebyterian Church in Cameroon


Mr. Cyrien Mobengue, 37 years old, Republic of Congo Master of Science in Agronomie, DESS in development and management of tropical forest and environment, Consultant- Center of National Research " Sur le Sols"


Miss Consolata Nahimana 45 ans, Republic of Burundi Master of Education Senior lectures-Institute of applied Pedagogy- University of Burundi Member of Human Rights League.  


Mr. Jean Baptiste Natama, 40 ans, Republic of Burkina Faso, Master of Philosophy Counsellor - Ministry of Foreign Affairs Coordinator - Department of the National Studies of NEPAD


Mr. Jean Pierre Nadayriague, 41 years old, Republic of Burundi Master of International Law Counsellor - Ministry of Foreign Relations and Cooperation Former member of Special Committee of the United Nations, responsible for negotiating the convention against corruption in Vienne


Mrs. Mirelle Amoussouga- Omary, 42 years old, Republic of Benin, DESS in Business Law Director- Department of Legal Affairs - Ministry of Industry and Commerce and employ promotion


Mr. Barry Emmanuel Rafatrolaza, 45 years old, Republic of Madagascar Doctor of Medicine- Veterinarian Deputy, former Vice President of National Assembly Former Veterinary inspector- Ministry of Veterinar, Spokesman of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the National Assembly  


Mrs. Nama Viviane Rakatobe, 41 yeard old, Republic of Madagasca Master of Private Law. Youth Studies Director -Interim of Legislative and Contentious issues of the General Assembly


Mr. Jamisse Ulison Taimo, 49 years old, Republic of Mozambique Master of Philosophy of Education Rector of Institute Superior of International Relations Chairman of the Committee of National Election


Mr. Ulisse William Yameogo, 42 years old, Republic of Burkina Faso Master of ethic, Human Rights Inter-armed Officer Degree Senior Officer, Instructor for technical training of Center of Army Material


Mrs, Assia Ben Assad, 30 years old, the Kigdom of Morroco Public Law Degree Attaché to the General Secretariat - Ministry of Labor and Employ Management of personnels and material - Ministry of Finance Direction   for foreign investments- Ministry of Finance


Mr. Noor E Helal Saifur Rahman, 36 years old, Republic of Bangladesh Master of Arts - Academy of Foreign services of Bangladesh Senior   Assistant Secretary -  Ministry of Foreign affairs First Secretary of Embassy of Bangladesh in Paris  


Mr. Man Tuan Tran, 63 years old, Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, Professor of Buddhology Deputy Secretary General of Buddhist Academy in Viet Nam Researcher, Director, Author of magazines and book about buddishm