The Peace pyramid has been presented to the United Nations Headquarters on 23 May 2000 to the representatives of Benin, Grenada, Lesotho, Monaco, Russian Federation, United States of America and the Peace Keeping Operation.

La pyramide de la Paix

La pyramide de la paix est une forme visible et symbolique de la paix, évocatrice du génie humain. Elle est un lieu de rencontre de toutes les manifestations en faveur de la paix : conférences, négociations sur la paix, centre de recherche, lieu de formation, bibliothèque dédiée à la paix.

La première pyramide de la paix sera élevée au centre de l'Université Wanilo au Bénin où elle abritera notamment la bibliothèque universitaire. Elle aura une surface au sol d'environ 600 mètres carrés et sera construite en harmonie avec l'architecture locale, alliant les matériaux traditionnels et modernes : briques de latérites, panneaux solaires faîtiers, etc. La pyramide, dont le sommet ouvre un puit de lumière sur l'ensemble de l'édifice, sera le lieu de convergence intellectuel et visuel de l'Université. Elle sera située au centre d'un complexe de bâtiments hexagonaux, elle sera entourée de jardins et de bassins d'eau.

L'objectif des pyramides de la paix est de multiplier ce type d'édifice partout dans le monde, quels que soient les moyens financiers à disposition. L'essentiel étant qu'un lieu réservé à la paix soit matérialisé pour rassembler les hommes désirant oeuvrer pour la paix.

Le projet de pyramide de la paix, au centre du complexe universitaire Wanilo, Benin 

A growing path for Peace

The pyramid is geometrical concept, it is like a cube that has been titled on its side and cut in two pieces.

The visible part represents the outer world or more exactly our physical world, our reality world, it is also a reflection of our inner world ( a desire of calm and peace).

The invisible part represents our inner world, our deep roots, our true nature, our spiritual gate.

Lower part

Because our true human nature is good, the entrance to the pyramid towards the inside of the earth is destined to be a growing path to bring the awareness of our pure self, our inner self to any  person with different political, religion or race background who would enter the pyramid; to put them in a state of mind to discuss future enlightenment thoughts for peace. 

For this reason main earthy elements of the planet will be represented on the base space of the pyramid ( Fire, Earth. Air, Water, wood, minerals...( Maybe one huge quartz crystal on a water base plane). Some part of the bottom will be filled with water coming all the way from the top of the pyramid reflecting when time comes the sun or the moon through a huge round glass window ( or an open space) at ground level.

Waterfalls would flow along the walls and therefore making the link to the upper level.

The idea is the visualization of this moving energy from sun to moon, moon to sun in a space where the inner self merge with the outer self, physical plane to spiritual realms, and where our reality world follow and grow the expression of our true nature. 

Note: almost all the pyramids in Egypt had underground chambers below ground level.

Upper part

The pyramid is composed with 3 open floors on its center, adjusted proportionally as we move to the top giving the full sense of depth and height of the pyramid, the third level center, audio visual, computers and a restaurant, the ground level floor is reserved for International Conference on Peace, this ground level floor will have a huge round glass window on it’s center ( or a wide open center) allowing the light to go through to the underground pyramid.

To attract and distribute the natural light coming from the dome glass of the pyramid, different reflecting technology devices such as mirrors would automatically capture the light inside the pyramid; their directional angle would be constantly moving following the position of the sun at day time, light from the moon or the stars at night. 
 External shape
This pyramid will be based on the one we know in Egypt, especially for directional position toward the north pole, it’s angle (52 degrees). Different pyramid specialists will be consulted for this matter.

Limestone’s or rough natural stones in the location of the pyramid will be used for the external façade of the pyramid so that it would look like there is no separation line from the pyramid to the ground, carrying the effect of a continuous flow of the landscape, projecting an overhaul vision of unity, between earth and human structure. 

Note: The Egyptians wanted to have their pyramid invisible so that from a far distance in the desert they would seem to look like mountains so that enemies would not suspect the existence of such an advanced civilization. If the enemies would come closer the appearance of the Sphinx as guardian protector would scare them away. 


We have the strong belief that the construction of the pyramid at the time of the Pharaohs struggled the same problem as we are facing today: finance, time, human sacrifice and beliefs reasons, but the Ancients have promise eternal life for the Pharaohs if they would agree to do it, so the mummification was part of the ritual.