At the 13th World Sufi Conference in Madagh, Morocco 2018

The planet of Love exists. I walked and vibrated on it;  on a corner of the earth with people made of flesh and blood, an human beings not an alien. A piece of land nestled in the north of the Moroccan border  that closed with Algeria, enough to stir up a discord between two brother countries. But no, against all conflicts, that is a land of Love which I came.

A corner of dream: the silver sea was dancing to the rhythm of the swaying palm trees under the endless blue  sky. A corner that could only be beautiful, at the level of Love taken in its most absolute dimension. In fact,  I saw people who loved each other as brothers and sisters of the same family, of a Love drawn from the Koran, so wonderful  and disinterested that it could embrace the whole humanity.

A corner for me  as an unknown planet ; a closed world; a round planet. Independent, separated ground  because Love ,arising from these men and women, was moving at full spiral speed and spreading everywhere in an impenetrable cloud. That was it, a boundless planet where brothers and sisters loved one another and expressed their absolute Love. They were happy to show it. It was too simple.  It was enough to be loved.

Immediately, I noticed that I was wrong. I believed that whoever  had come to love the entier humanity was well placed on top of unmoving  mountain, plunged in absolute Love, an ideal state independent of belief in God. Or on a summit,  the fall is tougher

I was wrong when I lined up the absolute qualities that could  describe whoever loving humanity in its totality: a cold, inaccessible person, impossible to fall out of  his pedestal . For conquering the state of spiritual struggle and I used words like: "an unlimited, inexhaustible, permanent and everlasting love, a love that wants nothing, asks  for nothing and expects nothing". I was wrong. This idealized man is not an ordinary person .There is no comfortable summit. Everything is obtained by a constant struggle against oneself.

I have seen people loved one another everywhere and claimed even more love, giving and receiving in abundance without drying up this task. In reality, the manifestation of fraternal love had created its own dynamic  and certainly not a static state, except for exchange.

I renounced to define an ideal type of love at the level of consciousness because it was impossible to access these spheres.  I confessed myself defeated.

I remained unarmed  facing to the mystery of love. What was the golden key that opened hearts? From a certainty: the true vision of people who really loved each other like brothers. It existed. I then imagined the entire  planet would live in this Love and my heart rejoiced in this perspective.

I found that the joy accompanying this Love was  too simple, their chants of Divine, their desire to dance , their needs for sharing, their availability at the service of the community , their kindness, their helpfulness: basically, it is a natural unity.

I was speechless at this spectacle, inscribed in human nature but often hidden. I did not understand what triggered this miracle.

Then , an old wise Sufis enlightened me by explaining to me at first this Love was drawn from daily practice of the Koran, then adding that this place was holy by the presence of Spiritual Masters, Sidi Hamza and Sidi Jamal, the immaculate Creatures bearing a heavenly way and the permanent prayer of the Sufis allowing them to remain "clairvoyant" on their behavior.


Other great masters such as Sidi Mounir, Sidi Michel, Sheikh Valsan , Foukaras and Fakirates coming from around the world, have abounded in this way.

Closer to God is this way: a golden key is there, laid on a cushion of silk. I understood the


insistence of divine mantra. It opened the way to peace among men whom  I have sought in vain without finding it.

Those brothers and sisters who come near the Light will became Light in their turn.

The Planet of Love, the Sufi Planet  brought to me its aura and endless beauty.

Dazzled, I returned to Miami to meditate.

December 3rd, 2018

Jean-Luc Pérez