( Inaugurated to the United Nations Headquarters on July 25, 1994)


Newsletter - August 2015




We were very honoured to participate in the  « Summit of Conscience for the Climate » held in Paris on 21 July 2015 in the presence of Mr. Francois Hollande ,President of the French Republic ; Mr. Michael Higgins President of the Republic of Ireland ; HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco ; several ministers of State ; Mrs Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General ; Mr. Kofi Annan, former Secretary- General of the United Nations ; various Assistants Secretary-General of the United Nations ; and the representatives of international organizations and patriarchs of different religions.

The idea of an inter-religious harmony for the elevation of our collective consciousness, a major axis of the Cercle de Réflexion des Nations, was introduced again at the United Nations in Geneva on 22 and 23 January 2014 during the « Seminar toward the Peace and Reconciliation in Syria » that we attended.


At the Paris Conference in 2015, a conceptual paradigm of climate change and the protection of the Earth were presented and considered  as vitals  for the fate of  mankind. Many speakers were asked to organize and promote "the Universal Declaration of Duty of Man" without knowing that the Cercle de Réflexion des Nations had already proclaimed it on 1 March 2006 at United Nations Headquarters in the presence of representatives of 19 countries and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) on these terms:


« Earth being the prime Heritage of Mankind

It is the foremost DUTY OF MAN to protect it »



Since this Declaration in 2006 at the United Nations, we have been actively working on this goal with several institutions around the world, and several concrete projects were launched and implemented in Africa and Asia. We continue to pursue our mission to protect the Earth and its environment with our partners and supporters of:

PRO-NATURA International (Mr. Guy Reinaud  Président, Mr. Brando Crespi, Michel Golvin),

GREATER CHINA (Mr. Zhang Hua Da, Mr Li Guo Huai, Mr. Zheung Ho),

ROYAL EUROPEAN SOLARMOON (Mrs. HUYNH Ngoc My Van, Mr. Chen Li Rong, Pham Van Nghia),


FONDATION DE NOTRE DAME DE LA ROCHE (Mr. le Duc de Levis Mirepoix, Mrs. Catherine  Reinaud),

UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION (Mr Jacques Marion, Mr Jean François Moulinet, Mrs.Carolyn Handschin  ),

Universities SORBONE, HEC, PANATHENEES  Strategies (Pr. Edmond Jouve, Pr. Michel Fareng,),

OMAHA Center (Mr. Jean Goujon, Mr Bernard Massy, Pr. Chiem Chi-Yuen, Mrs. Lin Yu Bin),

APC Architecte, EIFFAGE, SPIE, VINCI (Mr. Patrick Corda, Mr. Jean- Jacques Brugière).

OUR PARTNERS have tested the  performance and  benefits of using Biochar  in their major crops, pastures and food crops in a dozen countries.

The WORLD BANK has published an important book on BIOCHAR which is considered as the Green Revolution in the series of work.

Several projects still await launching mainly in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

In addition to the current efforts of the States who struggle against the destruction of the Earth, we advocate the use of Biochar to accelerate the reforestation and improvement of agricultural performance.

We work for:

The reduction of poverty by increasing crop yields (particularly in degraded, arid soils).

Reforestation in order to fight against climate change ( the Biochar  allows crops to grow twice as fast). This requires an effort to inform and train for this "Green Revolution" so that the people, who are in better health ,will regain the desire and pride of working on the land.

Concrete  projects are starting up in several states including:

• The People's Republic of China:
At the 2nd International Conference on "Biochar and green agriculture", held from 14 to 18 April 2015 at the Agricultural University of Nanjing, China is committed, through the intensive use of Biochar, to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses by 2020.

• The Republic of Algeria will equip themselves to achieve, in extreme desert conditions, areas for crops and livestock by using Biochar  which enables the fertilization of Saharan sand affecting crops and vegetable gardens.

• The Republic of Senegal for the protection of their mangroves and the creation of an international institute to train everyone on the product and the use of Biochar        

We are aware of the use of Biochar on a global scale, called "Green Revolution", would solve the problems of world hunger and the degradation of our Mother Earth. (For an annual global budget is lower than the military budget of certain large nations).

By having this acute awareness, explaining "Why do I care", we think to contibute through our actions to the protection of the Earth  as the "First Duty of Man"  for peace between people and Nations.

Contacts: Jean Luc Perez : cdreflexion@gmail.com  tel: +1.954 929 8932

              Michel Golvin: c.r.n.golvin @orange.fr              tel:  +33 6 61 35 60 11

              Nguyen Huu Dong: dongnh04@yahoo.com        tel: +84 9 0567 5607





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