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             BAB AL MAGHARIBA: Gate of Peace and Hope

Bab Al Maghariba Gate Of Peace And Hope

Bâb Al Maghariba’s evocation naturally reminds Jerusalem mind crowned, “Al Qods sharif” for the Muslims, perhaps because this area is in the heart of world events or by its sacred statute. However, many do not know that in Vietnam another monument of the same name exists, Bâb Al Maghariba, among the historic sites recently discovered in this country.

This Door is at 70 km in the North of the Hanoi capital, in a village named BaVi, province of Ha Tay. Vietnamese people are native of this crowned area, hypothesis confirmed by recent research. In addition, the patriotic Father of the Nation, Ho Chi Minh, was buried here while waiting for the construction of its mausoleum to be completed.


              In a Crowned ground area was born the Gate of Light and Hope

 It is told that this Door was built between 1956 and 1960 by Maghrebian soldiers, Senegalese, Africans, as well as Europeans being on the Indochinese peninsula coming to fight under the flag of France. Some joined the resistance of the people, others remained and had families.

Deprived of all resources and materials but animated by deep aspirations of peace and hope of the people, these soldiers built a marvellous monument of all times, crossing the space and the culture of the people.

At the beginning this Wonder bore the name of Bâb El Maghariba; then Gate of Afrique' Europe, and then Gate of` Asia Afrique' Europe. Today the name is: Bâb El Maghariba: Gate of Light and Hope.

                                               Mythology and Geopolitics

 The history tells that one day of the year 1956, a Maghrebian soldier discovered on the ground, in full bush, a Russian newspaper containing  photographs of reports of the masterpieces of the classical tradition of the Art and the Architecture of civilization Arabic-Muslim, drawing from the magic of the classic, Thousand and One Nights dreams.

 It is from there that this masterpiece unique in all Asia was born.

It is a singularity of Asia because there is no other equivalent; and yet it is in the fertile silts of this ground that the builders built this Door.

Two symbols provide the direction: Earth (place of the seeds and seeds which germinates, or are enriched...) which lodges the Gate.

What could be more evocative of an opening towards the recognition, the dialogue and fraternity between people, isn’t there the germ of a seed of hope sown deeply engrained by the builders?

 The story tells that HoChi Minh attended this crowned place frequently and inspired the friendly soldiers to launch a message of peace and release of the people in 1956 (inspiring the movements of independence of the not aligned countries).

Is this discovery merely by chance or by coincidence?  Or is it a message for an event of history for the peace of the people?

Bâb Al Maghariba and the opening of the exchanges between Asia and the Arab World

The exchanges between Asia and the countries Arabian-Muslims are still limited, and although there are historical bases of thoughts shared by common spiritual ideas, the economic and cultural bonds have only appeared to start at the beginning of the year 2007.

Recent meetings symbolic of the bonds between Vietnam and the Arab World include: In the museum of the National Assembly in Vietnam exists a traditional carpet of Fez and a money plate offered by Sheik Ah. Abaddi, Secretary-general of Rabita Mohammedia of Oulémas to Thich Chon Thien, Dignitary of Buddhism in Vietnam, during his trip to Morocco in December 2006.

Bâb Al Maghariba, monument highly symbolic  which seems lost in the memory as well for the Moroccan people as by the  state leads into a subtle way a question for Morocco, which by its position in the history works  towards fraternity between the people and the cultures of the world...

How Bâb Al Maghariba becomes the powerful symbol of this harmony?

The people and the cultures live by symbols which are the heart and the life. To be unaware of this to empty the heart of the people and the cultures of their original substance, their symbolic sense which die in numerical values.

In the traditions of various people, the Gate opens in symbolic meanings layered in multiple metaphors of creation, hope and life.

 In this time of loss of symbolicrestored this Door (which crosses all civilizations, several cultures - African, Asian and European - contributed to its construction),

would mean the rebirth of the hope for our world of today, by raising the splendour of each culture and civilization in a range of universal value.

This Gate inspires hope and could permit the creation of a common ground of thought being able to generate the joy for humanity....

 For the CRN of the Nations, the restoration of Bâb Al Maghariba is an essential keystone contributing to the establishment, the coordination in a prospective vision and of consolidation of the relations at various levels between the Arab world and Asia.

 From this point of view and in coordination with the Arab world, Morocco decided to send a Master of architecture and art Arabian-Muslim, craftsman of the knowledge to make tradition and inheritance, to take part in the restoration of this site that is culturally and spiritually priceless.

These meetings and makings of contact will help without any doubt to create a dynamics in the spirit of an exemplary driving belt between the Arab World, Africa, Europe and Asia giving again a breath of life to this Monument whose value will be multiplied by ten ad infinitum.

It could be registered with the Inheritance of Humanity as a first Spiritual and Historical Wonder of the World.

                                                        A Great CALL

Without a meticulous intervention and coordination for the restoration of Bâb Al Maghariba, the crowned surrounding site, this architectural wonder would eventually meet its demise. This would be a hard blow to those who build in the value of fraternity and lasting peace, and those who seek the solutions and symbols to foster dialogues of peace and harmony to thwart fratricidal conflicts.

There are two Gates, in places highly symbolic: Bâb Al Maghariba in Jerusalem crowned and Bâb Al Maghariba in Vietnam symbol of universal and the opening.

Each one with its way and in time can contribute to an essential base of fraternity between the people of the world.

Bâb Al Maghariba, from Arabic and Muslim architecture established in a crowned place of Asian culture questions us on our traditional design of the border: closed for the protection of a state or legitimate, natural and of opened, guarantor as much of independence, freedom and happiness of people.

Isn't this there a great call of the Duty of the Man in each being, to build peace for generations in the centuries to come, in what this Door of Light and hope inspires?

                                                                                                                    Soraya AYOUCH

This article is extracted from publications published in various newspapers of the Moroccan and Arab press like in sites of information in line among which:


 - Assahra Al maghribia (the Moroccan Sahara) Daily read by the Moroccans and all the residents of Arab extraction Arab in France and Europe.


- Al Qods Al arabi "Arab Jerusalem", one of the three big national dailies panarabes published in London Newspaper translating the opinion of people of the street. Pulling with exemplary 5O OOO and information on line read by Arabic of the whole World.


 - Al ahdath Al maghribia (Moroccan Current events) –

BAB AL MAGHARIBA: Gate of Peace and Hope
BAB AL MAGHARIBA: Gate of Peace and Hope







Reflexion & Comment:

This article witnesses the characteristics of what would be expected in the new irreversible form of communism evolution in Vietnam. The content transcends the abusive democracy often applied today by dominant nations. The devise ‘Independence, Liberty and Happiness’ cover the economic reality and the Search of Human kind in life.

Beyond simple words of the article, three models of communism’s revolution are coming directly to mind when following the social and economic mutations of events: Soviet Union with ‘the President Gorbachev’; Poland with ‘Solidarnosc and the Pope John Paul II’ and Vietnam with a definite noisiness democracy mutation by the people for the people via the Deputy Assembly* and it’s journal ‘the people’s deputy daily’**

 * Becoming and is presently the Highest respected Institution of the Nation

**The journal of the government to the people and from the People.


Michel Thao Chan