The Academicians of Peace

During the last seminar of he Dag Hammarskjöld class in Paris on 14th May 2004, at the hotel Le Bristol, the creation of the "Academy of Peace" was officially announced. It will convene periodically under the prestigious dome of the French Academy in Paris. Each country will be represented by only one academician, an emblematic character renowned for his/her peace action, they will be nominated for life. The Academicians will make the synthesis of work and initiatives in favour of peace realized in their country.

seminaire paris

The Academicians will designate each year the prize winner of the Earth of Peace intended to be allotted to the creator of a literary or artistic work or to the author of an action in favour of the peace which glorify glorifying the magnanimity and nobility of humankind as well as the defense of our earth. These works can be represented by a play, a film, a painting, a sculpture, a musical work, a literary work… or by noble actions undertaken for the cause of peace (charitable work, durable economic development, etc).