The ‘TET’, will it blossom

the becoming of communist ideology?

The month of Tet, by tradition, all the people prepare ceremonies, the rituals and the rites of the ancestors. It is the privilege timing that Vietnamese people visit their friends and parents. Exchange ideas and wishes do not cease to flow during the whole month. It is also the crucial moment for people attached deeply to their national identity, seek the ideal ideology for the future of the nation.

The HoChiMinh picture, considered as the ` father of the nation' is still on some ancestor shrine, in the conference rooms of the companies and in specific shrines of those who venerate the true spirit of Ho Chi Minh.

Will Vietnam 2007, be a turning year for a whole people in the search of an ideology and convergent values for a specific international strategy?

I- The Confucius thought in the country of the Freemasonry’s values

The Confucius’s philosophers claim that in Water and Mounts, the Sky and the Earth, an active and pure breath (chi) condenses to form hearts of elites and that after the death of the heroes, this breath turns over to the telluric mediums from its source; and thus perfect the motherland. Two phrases of the poet Duong Khê remain famous:

"the Sky and the Earth have regards for the Men of character,

the Mounts and the Rivers support people of talent and heart"

Would Ho Chi Minh, admirator of Confucius, result from this breath, born there from the conjunction of these elements? These same natural elements are also the freemasonry teaching for which the Earth, the Air, Water and Fire (mountain) symbolize the body, intellect, the instinct and the emotional one; in fact all that constitutes the dynamic human being.

At that time, Hô Chi Minh leaves its lost motherland and discovers the world of Western capitalism, New York, London, Paris, the wealth and reality of the proletarian condition at the beginning of the XXème century. He joined the freemasonry in 1919 in Paris confirmed by the Benjamin Franklin lodge in Switzerland. He try to understand why he was not born free man, and what are the means directly resulting from the Confucius and the freemasonry taught by the old ones (charity, virtue and humility) to conquer again the independence of his country.

In this ideological balance, how the freemasonry of Ho Chi Minh could have an impact?

Today, the question of the becoming communist ideology arises, whereas this one is divided between two currents, the tough and the progressive currents. The only ideology which can germinate in a constructive way in Vietnam results from the Ho Chi Minh though. It constitutes the unique ideology capable to overcome the tensions existing within the Vietnamese society.

This ideology is close to the spirit of the freemasonry values: the freedom of though in respect of the principles and the values such as the free will, absolute freedom of consciousness, laïcity, secularity, the duties of the man toward Humanity and Universality. It is one of the 4 fundamental elements of the Benjamin Franklin lodge and that of Paris chosen in 1919.

This ideological balance fit tremendously the Asian culture which includes all the religions and supports the independence mind at the right time for Vietnam .

II- How the HochiMinh personality could serve the Vietnam of today?

Ho Chi Minh is more than a hero. He is a just man, communist with the Vietnamese way. And certainly thanks to that behaviour he could understand France and the organization systems in Europe. Patriot, he never beset by this ideology but according absolute priority to resistance to occupation and country reunification. For Vietnamese people, he wanted 3 key words: independence, freedom and happiness.

Today, Vietnam has independence.

How to reach freedom and happiness?

It is the great current challenge of Vietnam. Vietnam conquered independence in 1975 but, since the embargo lifting and the entry of the country in OMC (world Organization of the trade), freedom will be able to be conquered only by one strategic balance between three blocks: China, the US and Europe.

Vietnam must find her balance between these three blocks, not only her economic equilibrium and social but also her specific ideological balance.

To know the Ho Chi Minh thoughts, this patriot, resistant, communist, confucianist and freemason can widen towards thoughts and values of his real spirit; that the Vietnamese people, the current companions and leaders will recognize it through, his lesson, his teaching and his life itself.

A HoChiMinh iideology updated at the level of his thought and deeds, faithful to the Asian culture, including all the religions and supporting the spirit independence, will be crucial for all Vietnamese in Vietnam and abroad to link themselves and to be identified with values more universal and  accurate reflecting the deep spirit of uncle Hô..

The new year of the Pig ( starting from February 17, 2007) undoubtedly announces the continuity of change. It will certainly be unrolled in silence, but also in firmness as manage the Vietnamese Leaders to Freedom and Happiness.

Paris on February 1, 2007

Jacques Coudy, Judge

Atlas 171