First Residential Seminar


Paris - May 9 - 15, 2004

"Dag Hammarksjöld" Class

I - Introduction

After a two years period of online courses and web interactions through emails, courses forum and academic interactions, the first residential seminar of the doctorate leaders in peace administration was held in Paris from May 09 to May 15, 2004. During this meeting, doctorates candidates could have an in depth view of the CRN philosophy and organization as well as a precise view of the the CRN projects : Hospital Ships, DPA next candidates selection at UN headquarters for 2004, Academy of Peace and "Fête de la paix". This transformative seminar helps the whole group to build a strong   "community action research" around the participants thesis projects and to foster the worlwide net of "leaders of peace" of the Cercle de Réflexion.


II - Seminar Programme

Different interventions were scheduled during the seminar, according to the DPA curriculum followed by the DPA Participants during the last two years.


Monday 09 May, Academic day

•  Thesis Methdology

•  Crisis Management Communication by Professor Eric LAROUE, University of Marne la Vallée (PEC-I2 course)

•  Lecture for DPA participants by French Ministery of Foreign Office :

•  Mr Pascal TEIXERA, Deputy Director UNO and International Organizations : "Communication Crisis, UNO and multilateral relationships"




Mr. Pascal Teixera and Mr.Terence Wills from the French Foreign Ministery



Tuesday 10 May, Academic day

The future of International organization and the UN (ONU-S2 course)

•  Lecture by Dr Jean-Luc PEREZ, Cercle de Reflexion of Nations, Excecutive President : « The Cercle de Reflexion philosophy and the United Nations"

•  Lecture for DPA participants by French Ministery of Foreign Office :

•  Mr Terence WILLS, Centre d'Analyse et de Prévision (CAP) : "New complexity of crisis, the case of african sub-saharian countries"

•  Thesis project : Individual presentation of thesis projects by the doctorate candidates. During their studies, DPA Participants have to carry out a thesis dissertation linked to a concrete realization of peace project. The thesis project philosophy stresses on both research and action.

•  DPA   presentation during the seminar assessed advisability and feasability to bring into fruition the candidate's project

•  The project concerns a peace programme dedicated to the DPA participant's country/region (eg, in the fields of education, economic development, conflict resolution, health, diplomacy, etc.).

•  The project are directly connected to the DPA Participants' thesis. Differents DPA Participants can work on the same project and write their Dissertation on a specific part of the project, according to the topics they want to focus and develop.

•  The project must be tackled taking into consideration a possible important financial support.


Wednesday 11 May, Academic day

•  Lecture by Prof Michel THAO CHAN and Prof Eric LAROUE, debriefing of individual presentation filmed on Tuesday. (Personal Communication Course - PEC- I1)

•  Team work based on several selected Thesis topics :

•  The Hospital Ship Project

•  The Crisis Unit of the Hospital Ship

•  The future of International Organizations

•  Education for Peace


Thursday 13 May, Academic day

•  Lecture by Prof. THAO LE, University of California (Human Psychology Course, PCH-I5), human psychology and development issues. Introduction to psychology course PCH-S2b, "Spirituality and human development".

•  Lecture by Prof Sumittra DUTTA (INSEAD, World Economic Forum Fellowship), (Information Technology Course, SCI-I2), "Networked Readiness Index", readiness of nations for ICTs.


Friday 14 May, Closing day at Hotel Le Bristol

Represented nations : Bengladesh, Maroc, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, USA, Niger, Vietnam, Macedonia, Madagascar

Excused nations : Georgia, Portugal, Spania, Suiss, Austria, Cambodgia, Zambia, Tunisia, France

•  Presentation of the new intergovernmental charter of the Cercle de Réflexion

•  Call for applcations for the next DPA candidates selection in UN headquarter on July 25, 2004

•  Presentation of the team workshops by the DPA Participants

•  Nomination of the Doctorates of Peace Administration Honoris Causa

•  Third Safety and Health Commission of the Hospital Ship, President Dr Abel Bensaad, MD, Morocco/France.



From left to right : Dr. Nguyen Huu DONG, Patrick BREMAUD, Venerable Thien THICH CHAN, Dr. Jean-Luc PEREZ, Dr. Michel THAO CHAN, Dr. BEN SAADA

III - Seminar Attending list


From left to right : Charles IMIYITIRE, Desire SOME, Soraya AYOUCH, Come Damien AWOUMOU, SE Procès BIGIRIMANA, Papay Jean Bosco RANDRIANJARA, Assetta DIALLO, Rita FONTAINE, Kim LE, Mosud MANNAN, Zarko KONESKI, Emmanuel MISS, Saley HAROU-KOUKA, Hantarinina RASOANAIVO, Patrice GOUMBRI, Zéphyrin MANIRATANGA

DPA Participants list SOME Désiré Boniface, Burkina Faso - Diplomate, Conseiller des Affaires Etrangère, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

SE Procès BIGIRIMANA, Burundi - Ambassadeur, Conseiller à la première Vice-Présidence de la République

Hantanirina Vololoniaina RASOANAIVO , Madagascar - Responsable technique et artistique, Secrétariat Général, Ministère Education Nationale

Zéphyrin MANIRATANGA , Burundi - Diplomate, Conseiller au protocole d'Etat, Présidence de la République

Rita FONTAINE , USA - Professor and former Dean, Low Columbia College, Longview, Washington

Zarko KONESKI, Macedonia - Training and Communication Manager,Institute for Sustainable Communities

Soraya AYOUCH, Maroc, France - Psychologue, Protection Judiciaire de la Jeunesse, Ministère de la Justice. Psychothérapeute, Centre Minkowska.

Asséta DIALLO, Burkina Faso - Consultante

Lieutenant Colonel Moussa DIALLO, Burkina Faso - Directeur de la Justice Militaire du Burkina Faso

Docteur Parice GOUMBRI, Burkina Faso -   Médecin Chef de la Gendarmerie Nationale

Papay Jean-Bosco RANDRIANJARA , Madagascar - Directeur des relations interparlementaires et de la Communication, Assemblée Nationale

Charles IMWIYITIRE, Burundi - Diplomate, Chef de Département des Organisations Internationales, Ministère des Relations Extérieures et de la Coopération


Côme Damien Georges AWOUMOU, Cameroun - Diplomate, Conseiller au Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

Saley HAROU-KOUKA, Niger, USA - Directeur du développement, Industrie Pharmaceutique

Kim Phuong LE, USA - CEO and Founder, NASCA (New American Social and Cultural Assistance)

Mosud MANNAN, Bengladesh - Minister & Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of the People's Republic of Bengladesh, Beijing.

Commandant Emmanuel MISS, Cameroun - Officier d'Etat Major, Ministère de la Défense, Cameroun

Jean NJOYA, Cameroun - Professeur des Universités

Participants excused :

Gocha LORDKIPANIZE , Georgia - Diplomate

James PHIRI , Zambia - Professeur des Universités

Côme MBONIMPA , Burundi - Diplomate, Conseiller à la Première Vice Présidence

Michelle Sylvie NGO BIAS , Cameroun - Enseignante

Luc ATANGA , Cameroun - Enseignant, Université Cameroun

Thomas FONDJO , Cameroun - Enseignant, Université Yaoundé

UNCR STaff and other persons invited :

Cercle de Reflexion staff : Dr. Michel THAO CHAN, President of the CRN. Dr. Jean-Luc PEREZ, Excecutive President of the CRN. Dr. DAHITO Faustin, Vice-President of the CRN for Ouest Africa. BREMAUD Patrick, Vice-President Budget and Education. Dr. Eric LAROUE, Dean of Sudies. GAUCHER François, Vice-President Academic Affairs

Affairs Invited persons : Dr. Nguyen Huu DONG, Expert International VénérableThien THICH CHAN, Deputy of the Vietnam Republic. Dr Abel BEN SAADA, MD, Marocco