Curriculum Vitae



Civil  Status


 Name and surname                 :         DAHITO Faustin
Date and place of birth             :         13/12/1957 to Setto (Zou)
Nationality                                :         Beninese
Address                                    :         02 BP: 8155 - Lot 1184 J’ - Cadjehoun - Cotonou

Tel: (229) 21-30-14-90 / 95-81-45-11


Strategic vision of career


  • Rational use of modern Management and Engineering Sciences to promote wealth creation and development in Africa.  


  • Promoting the integration of Africa in the dynamics of globalization while ensuring its socio-cultural positivity.  
  • Promoting peace and sustainable development in Africa and in the world



Professional qualifications and distinction


  • Doctor Honoris Causa in peace Administration (DPA) of the “Cercle de Réflexion des Nations”

      (Granted on 23 July 2004 at United Nations Headquarters in New York - USA)

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) of the International School of Management in New York/Paris (September 2001)

      Thesis: Reengineering  the industrial strategy in the ECOWAS


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) of the International School of Management in New York/Paris (September 1999)

     Thesis : Strategic Reengineering of the Rural Electrification in the ECOWAS

  • Engineer Polytechnician graduated of the “Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal”  (Canada) (108th promotion-December 1984)


Specialized in Energy and automation




  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and expert systems (Ecole Polytechnique de  Montréal - 1985)
  • Certificate in solar systems engineering of Regional Solar Energy Centre in Bamako (Cres)  (Mali) - 1988 


  • Certificate in Management of the industry of security (SECURITAS France - 2006)
  • Certificate in governance of Institutions of Micro Finance (MFI)                     (Consortium Alafia Benin - 2007)



Professional Expériences  


  • Teaching of Physical Sciences and Mathematics (College Leo Robert - Grand - Bassam Côte d'Ivoire - 1979-1981)
  • Design and realization of solar power stations for the supply of telecommunication systems in rural areas (OPT Benin, CELTEL Gabon, ONATEL Burundi)


  • Design and realization of projects in water supplying in rural areas (Photovoltaic, Thermal and Construction of water tank) (MEE-Benin, Gabon MEE, MEE-Togo, etc...)  
  • Design and implementation of industrial processing of mineral waters.(Dangbo, Benin Zogbodomey)


  • Applied research in electrical energy and power electronics (ENERDAS) (Direct current lamps, solar controllers, inverters, Chargers - rectifiers, etc...)
  • Training of technicians in solar energy (ENERDAS engineering, Wanilo University)


  • Training and mentoring students for thesis in electrical engineering at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin)
  • Control of solar rural electrification in So-Ava for the Ministry of energy (2011)


  • Design and implementation of photovoltaic solar power plants





  • President ENERDAS Group S.A.
  • President of the Association of Beninese former graduated students in Canada
  • President - Founder of WANILO University
  • President of AISER-BENIN (Interprofessional Association of specialists in renewable energies of Benin)
  • Vice-President UNIAFRICA (TREVISO - ITALY)



Publications  and  Communications


  • Energy and Environment (1986). 


  • Technological Strategies and Development in Africa (1986).  
  • Management of rural water supplying systems (May 1998- World Bank in Washington-USA)


  • Financing renewable energy for rural areas (March 99-AFD/Council of the agreement Yamoussoukro - Côte d'Ivoire).
  • Strategic Reengineering of the Rural Electrification in the ECOWAS/UEMOA zone (1999)


  • Reengineering industrial strategy in the ECOWAS/UEMOA (2001).
  • Financing working capital for SMEs (Accra 2003 - Group ECOBANK)


  • Biotechnology and economic prosperity in Africa (2004)
  • Policies and strategies for the development of Renewable Energies in Benin

         (November 2009) - Ministry of the environment and Protection of Nature

  • Economic development in the ECOWAS (Presentation on April 02, 2014 for UNIAFRICA in TREVISO - Italy)




Faustin DAHITO